The Advisory BoardYour personal board of advisors await.

What if you could sit in the room with some of Australia’s leading business minds and have them work on your business with you.

The Advisory board is an exclusive membership program where you get direct access to and surround yourself with a team of experts, mentors and fellow business owners who will focus on helping you create real achievement by producing true, measureable results.

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Learn From The Best

The Advisory board is chaired by the founder of a multi-million dollar company, winner of Australian business of the year 4 times, Australian entrepreneur of the year award, member of the advisory board for the reserve bank of Australia and most importantly a person who derives his income through real and current business.

Together, with the chairmen of your board and the 7 other board members we will open your business up for examination and teach you the same tools and strategies that are used by the top performing companies in the world. There is no reason to struggle any more. You will learn how to build a high performing business machine. You will be held accountable and you will be driven by the numbers.


There is nothing like this

In the current marketplace there are a lot of events and programs focused on selling vision, ideas and feel good experiences. These components overshadow the truth about what it really takes to run a profitable multi-million dollar business and enterprise. They do not use numbers and therefore can not truly guide you with the correct urgency or accountability.

We will offer you everything you need for real business growth and development; education, support, direction, accountability, feedback, strategy, coaching, and access to a network of successful people who, just like you want to reliably get to the next level.

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What we are not

  • This is not a seminar, this is your professional board.This will not be a party, you are coming to work. To grow your business, to make tough decisions and to address the real issues your business is facing in today's economy.
  • We are a "numbers on the wall" factually based environment;and when you join us you'll see that this is a place where we won't be getting 'high' on ideas and theories.
  • This is your place where we will develop strategies together,leveraging the collective knowledge and experience of the group and we implementing a strategy with clearly defined measurements, which we will review and refine.

How does it work?

Facts are more powerful than dreams. It's true - it's important to have a goal, a dream and a big vision about how you want things to be, but if you want to make that happen you need something solid in place. Something you can reliably, systematically and repeatedly produce time in, time out.

When it’s your turn at the table, there will be no spin – just numbers; We will not hide behind hype or theory, together we will understand your urgency, your challenges, your opportunities and put together a measurable strategic plan and be with you the whole way.

All the hard yards have been done before you arrived, it's a proven system that has built multi-million dollar businesses. The advisory board will spend the year working with you to guide implement your strategic plan and deliver the results in the form of financial performance.

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By application only.- Free consultation now

  • The Advisory Board is a unique offering and seats are available by application only. There is an overload of information out there and unlike any other ‘business bootcamp’, this is not a one-day dump. We will give you 12 months of consistent, continual improvement that delivers compounding results on the key areas of your business.
  • Anyone can start a business. Making it grow in a competitive economy requires something more than passion and a product.
  • The key to growing your business 30-100% in the next 12 months is in the same time proven principles, processes and systems used by the top performing companies around the world. Make no mistake, real and successful business growth is governed by financial performance.
  • By using these methods you will rapidly transform your business and achieve record growth and profit.

All applicants will be contacted to arrange a confidential and obligation free 1-ON-1 chat.
In this meeting you’ll both work out what your needs, your goals and the best program fit for your personal circumstance.

Disclaimer: We turn down more applications than we receive; not all private mentoring applications will be successful. We take time to go through each application personally to find the right fit.

Still Not convinced?

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.

– Albert Einstein


Still Not convinced?

Why is it that every one of top 500
companies in the world has
an Advisory Board?

Still Not convinced?

Your chairman is 4x retailer of the year,
2x entrepreneur of the year, advisor
to the reserve Bank


Still Not convinced?

This is not 1 day of ideas –
it’s a whole year of help

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